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9 Things to Consider When Buying a Computer

There are so many computer models and at times it becomes very confusing when you are trying to shop for the best machine. This is because many people will always try to compare both quality and the price and as the saying goes cheap is expensive for you to get a quality machine you must also be ready to pay the price.

Below are factors to consider before buying your computer;

  1. Usability – When buying a computer the first thing that you need to consider is the purpose of that computer, whether it is for just browsing and internet or for heavy video editing and professional work. If it is simply for browsing the ideal computer is single core but if it is for professional and complicated tasks you need an enhanced multimedia option.
  2. Price – The cost of a computer is also very important because this again will depend on your affordability. If the finances are available it is advisable that you buy a computer with high specifications but if you are financially constrained a computer with the low specification is also an option since they are quite affordable.
  3. Operating System–It is advisable that users with minimal requirements may use windows starters and users who need enhanced features use professional or ultimate edition.
  4. Size – When buying a computer you need consider whether it is purely for office work or both office and personal work. If it is purely for office work you can consider buying a desktop and if it is for both personal and office works a laptop is ideal due to its portability. Considering size is also important due to the available space in the office
  5. Processor–A processor is what defines a good or bad machine. It is the processor that determines a machine that hangs frequently and a machine that runs smoothly. For the best processor look for Core I5 6400.
  6. Peripherals – This refers to gadgets like printer and scanner that are usually connected to the computer. Before buying a computer ensure it is compatible with the gadgets that you have in the office.
  7. Warrant – It is very important to consider the period of warrant since computers are expensive and delicate and in case of breakdown it would mean a total loss to the buyer. At times you might find it is not your fault but the problem originated from the manufacturer
  8. Hard disk – This is an electronic data storage device. It is important to ensure you take into consideration the size of the hard disk when buying your computer.
  9. Ram – This refers to Random Access Memory. When buying a machine you should consider a big Ram for the purpose of storage of your data.

There are many factors other than the one mentioned above that you can consider when buying a computer but what has been discussed is the most important and if you follow them to the latter you will get nothing but the best computer that will serve you for a good period of time.


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