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The Nascent Casino Industry in Africa

Gambling of one form or another has existed for millennia, but it’s by no means equally well-established all over the globe. The betting and casino industry in Africa at the moment is a very interesting field as both businesses and players engage with a form of activity less familiar than it is in the West.

One of the forces currently pushing the industry along and urging legislators and regulators to react is the online side of this world. The internet has changed everything over the last few decades, from shopping to eating out, and betting and gambling are certainly no exceptions to this trend.

As far as the bookmakers and the casinos are concerned, the online formats of their services are a wonderful thing- a chance for them to expand their business activity and a chance for players to enjoy what’s on offer exactly where and when they like, totally at their convenience. With smartphones that are now so powerful and user-friendly, everyone has the opportunity to have a virtual casino in their pocket. Not only are there more online casinos and bookmakers starting up all the time, but there are also certain innovative, specialist businesses that focus on guiding the discerning player through the thriving marketplace to the best games and facilities available. A site like this one is a prime example, helping visitors to sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

Now as far as the respective governments of this nascent African market are concerned, things look slightly different. Of course, any thriving industry will be a welcome, positive influence on a country’s economy, but there are moral concerns here too. Primarily, many countries are concerned about the addictive qualities of betting and gambling that are made safe in Europe and America through being understood and supported. That same intelligent handling needs to happen in Africa too and governments want to ensure that everything is developing in the right way.

The good thing is that although some countries have their reservations, others are taking an energetic approach and welcoming the online betting and casino industry. The potential for development is immense, and one only needs to look at the top gambling venues across the world to see this. Las Vegas is perhaps the best known, with its glitzy origins in 1950s America, and of course, Monaco and Macau also spring to mind. Most relevant here though is perhaps Singapore with its relatively recent developments in IR casino complexes.

IR stands simply for Integrated Resort and refers to the integration of casinos, hotels and restaurants. What this model allows is for holidaymakers and gamblers to be absolutely taken care of. Accommodation, catering and of course, the gaming all occur under one roof, or rather under several extremely impressive roofs as one of the great advantages of this way of doing things is the immense scale on which everything can be built, resulting in incredible and luxurious venues such as Marina Bay Sands.


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