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Prokaziea: An App to Connect Youth to Jobs and Internship Places in East Africa

Photo Credit: Nathan Ernest Olupot

KCCA Employment Services Bureau on Wednesday launched the Prokaziea app, which is aimed at connecting youth to the employers in East African region.

Ocen Godwin aged 29, the CEO and co-founder of Prokaziea app says this will be a platform where students and fresh graduates build networks to acquire jobs and internship places.

“It is hectic for a graduate in Gulu to travel to Kampala looking for jobs in the city. That is why I developed this app so that it is easier to interact with employers without having to spend on transport and the huddle of applying at every office,” Ocen said.

Over 70% of the population under the age of 30 is unemployed, it is from this background that Ocen, an IT graduate of Mbarara University developed the Prokeziea app to connect many youth to equip them with necessary skills.

Prokaziea derived from Pro (Professional), Kazi (Work), ea (East Africa) targets students and youth in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda to ensure they are connected in the job market.

The app targets over 30 million internet users in East Africa.

Prokaziea can be accessed on web and can also be downloaded from play store. Students or graduates create their profiles and are able to access streamed opportunities instantly and connect routinely with those in their networks.

According to Ocen, the employers using Prokaziea will easily access their desired candidate in the related field.

With the technology advancements, there have been rampant cyber-crimes in the country however; Ocen says this will not be the case as they have a strategic system put in place.

“We are building an engine for verification and once we discover a conman, his account will be deactivated,” Ocen said.

Former supervisor at the Employment bureau services Abel Asiimwe cautioned the youth against the people asking for money for job opportunities and internship placements.

The App was incubated at Employment services bureau for Integration Development of East Africa (IIDEA) and YouMatch Global Initiative on innovative Employment Services for youth, supported by Community Empowerment for Rural Development (CEFORD) and funded by GIZ.

source: The Nile Post

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