WhatsApp in New Update Adds More Colorful Options to the Text-Based Status

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When first launched, the status feature was simple text only, and then earlier this year, the Facebook-owned social messaging platform decided to get rid of the text-based status and introduced a revamped status that gives users the ability to share photos, GIFs, and videos. However, users were discontented with the update and criticized the company for copying Instagram and SnapChat. It was until then the firm decided bring back the old text-based status, allowing users to use both statuses.

As the company keeps growing with its user base growing too – with now over 1 billion daily active users, the firm has been seen rolling out updates on a daily or monthly basis to make its web and app platforms more friendly, and easy to use. The popular calling and messaging service on Monday rolled out some new text-based status features for its apps and the web version.

The Web version finally got the status feature too just like the apps. However, unlike the apps, the status on web version comes with a Black theme for the background when opened, and all statuses appearing in a list format.


The other update was made available for the apps, giving users the ability to create text-based statuses that can include a choice of font, background color, and even add links.

According to reports by Venture Beat, the colored backgrounds on the status updates are supposed to increase engagement, but some/many users are find them annoying.