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Smart Text Selection in Android O coming to Google Docs

Google Docs is implementing the Smart Text Selection feature for anybody currently running the Android O Beta, that was announced back during the Google IO 2017.

It is quite frustrating when trying to select text on our phones, and this feature intends to fix that by highlighting exactly what we need with a simple double tap.

Smart Text Selection uses machine learning to figure out which information is pertinent when you double tap, and then offers contextual options such as calling a number or entering an address into Maps, rather than just the usual ‘cut’ or ‘copy’ etc. It’s a nifty solution that should save us all a bit of time, and it’s also a really impressive use of machine learning locally on your device. The changelog for the latest Google Docs update includes “Smart text selection on devices running Android O”, as well as the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.

Credit: Android Police


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