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Applications Open For the KPMG’s Global FinTech Hackcelerator

Global FinTech Hackcelerator. (Photo Credit: SG FinTech Festival Facebook page)

Global FinTech Hackcelerator. (Photo Credit: SG FinTech Festival Facebook page)

KPMG Digital Village calls for submission of innovative startups from across the global for their annual Global FinTech Hackcelerator that can address problem statements contributed by the global FinTech community and the financial services  industry, and has drawn up to over 100 problem statements across this year’s three focus areas: Customer-Facing, Financial Inclusion, and RegTech – and a General category.

20 startups will be shortlisted for the Hackcelerator will have the opportunity to work with real client owners to contextualize their prototypes ready for adoption to client and industry needs, enter or expand into Singapore and the Asia-Pacific regional markets, and receive guidance and support from industry experts, subject-matter experts and regulatory bodies.

Timeline for the program
Interest applicants have been requested to submit their application before July 15th, 2017 and the 20 shortlisted applicants shall be contacted for further information., demos and pre-selection pitching sessions, after which up to 20 teams will be selected.

Starting August 28th, 2017, successful startups will spend 12 weeks contextualizing and enhancing their prototypes, with mentoring and guidance from industry champions and real business sponsors. And on the demo end which will be on November 16th, 2017, startups will demo their solution on the main stage of the FinTech Conference at the Singapore FinTech Festival.

The team will receive a cash stipend of up to USD$20,000 each (Roughly 71.8 million UGX), however only the top 3 selected startups will receive an additional cash prize of USD$50,000 each (Roughly 179.5 million UGX). Notably, the top 3 team will have received USD$70,000 (Roughly 251.3 million UGX).

For the post-hackcelerator, teams will work with industry champions to plan for actual adoption and integration of their solutions into a real client context.

To apply for the program, Follow this Link Here.

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