Ronald Sebuhinja K, SchoolMaster Solutions. (Photo Credit: Real Media Uganda)
Ronald Sebuhinja K, SchoolMaster Solutions. (Photo Credit: Real Media Uganda)

Windows Insiders, a global community of people using technology to make a lasting impact on the world has awarded Insiders4Good fellowships to a total four Ugandan startup entrepreneurs.

The community aims at building and sustaining meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs and problem-solvers who think deeply about the issues confronting their communities around the world.

It also targets visionaries who create solutions that could address these issues, and leaders that grow opportunities for their solutions to thrive in the market.

In the new admissions, four Ugandans including Onyancha Chrispinus, Ronald Sebuhinja, Francis Xavier Asiimwe, Brendah Nantongo were awarded fellowships.

Onyancha Chrispinus, is the founder of Clinic Pesa, a system that leverages the popularity and existing infrastructure of mobile money, enabling individuals to conveniently set aside funds for future health services through their mobile phones.

Ronald Sebuhinja is the founder of SchoolMaster Solutions, a management software that enables East African schools to use efficient digital systems to manage records and reduce personnel time as result.

L-R: Jeremiah Marble – programme’s marketing director and an Azure engineer, Ronald Sebuhinja and Dona Sarkar – head of the Windows Insider programme

Francis Xavier Asiimwe is the founder KRHF Managed Telemedicine Hub which provides a network of rural clinics with remote access to the services of qualified medical professionals.

Brendah Nantongo is the founder of Fem Care, a device designed like a phone that provides women with verified information about maternal, reproductive, and child health, delivered in their own language.

The four were awared fellowships together with 17 others from the East African States of Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

The 21 Fellows who represent a diverse cohort from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda addressing critical social challenges, including youth unemployment, communication for refugees, access to credit for small businesses, and the digital divide facing rural areas will receive a suite of Microsoft hardware and software, and 6 months of tailored technical and strategic mentorship from local and international leaders.

According to Bambo Sofola, Microsoft Director of Software Engineering, the Fellows will kickstart the program with an intensive entrepreneurs’ bootcamp, where they will work with Microsoft and GrowthAfrica staff to build a solid foundation of business skills and mindsets, set goals for the program, and create a roadmap for achieving those goals.

Full List of Fellows from East Africa.

  1. Onyancha Chrispinus, Clinic Pesa – Kampala, Uganda
  2. Ronald Sebuhinja K, SchoolMaster Solutions – Kampala, Uganda
  3. Francis Xavier Asiimwe, KRHF Managed Telemedicine Hub – Ibanda, Uganda
  4. Brendah Nantongo, Fem Care – Bweyogerere, Uganda
  5. Peter Ackech, Mensa Healthcare – Nairobi, Kenya
  6. Collince Osewe, Chanjo Plus – Nairobi, Kenya
  7. Caleb Ndaka, Kids Comp Camp – Nairobi, Kenya
  8. Alfred Ongere, Sahibu – Nairobi, Kenya
  9. Nickson Kariuki, Spurred – Nairobi, Kenya
  10. Wilson Mnyabwilo, Infoshule – Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
  11. Edgar Mwampinge, – Dar es salaam, Tanzania
  12. Ange Uwambajimana, IV Drip Alert – Kigali, Rwanda
  13. Job Ndiango, mobScore – Arusha, Tanzania
  14. John Mugendi – Lyons Analytics – Nairobi, Kenya
  15. Rosine Mwiseneza, Ivomerere – Kigal, Rwanda
  16. Irving Amukasa, Sophie Bot – Nairobi, Kenya
  17. Peter Njeri, Mega Gas – Hamisi, Kenya
  18. Leah Otieno, Mshonaji of Mtaalamu Group Limited – Nairobi, Kenya
  19. Chris Baraka, SMART Insider Cheetahs – Nairobi, Kenya
  20. Agnes Nyambura, Gawana – Nairobi, Kenya
  21. Festus Okumu, Azali of Mayol Ltd – Nairobi, Kenya