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Vodafone Uganda partners with Local Universities to Launch JUMP Academy in bid to boost e-Learning

(Left to Right) Vice Chancellor Victoria University, Joseph Nyakana, Vodafone Uganda CEO, John Ndego and Cynthia Ayeza,Vodafone Ambassador addressing a press conference during the unveiling of JUMP Academy at Victoria University today. The JUMP Academy is a first of its kind e-learning space for university students which gives access to free educational materials tailored to the Ugandan curriculum. (Photo Credit: Vodafone Uganda)

Vodafone Uganda, is set to enhance the e-learning space for university students in Uganda with the launch of the JUMP Academy, a new and first of its kind addition on the JUMP portal.

JUMP the unique online content platform was launched on 10th Feb 2017; with categories in Education, Entrepreneurship, Self-improvement, and Lifestyle. As part of the education category the JUMP Academy provides students with free and unlimited access to a wide range of educational materials, tailored to the Uganda University curriculum.

“We are cognizant that education is the key to the successful transformation and development of any country; and Vodafone is proud to take the lead in this digital learning space through the launch of the JUMP Academy,” John Ndego; Chief Executive Officer at Vodafone Uganda said during the launch.

The JUMP Academy comprises a series of recorded 15 minute videos that cut across various subjects based on the Uganda university curriculum, and will show topical tutorials by different lecturers and will also be uploaded regularly.

The Guest of Honour Mr. Robert Oceng; Ag. Director Higher Education at the Ministry of Education noted that the JUMP Academy platform for global interaction where the ability for students to connect with one another and the rest of the world becomes real and easy.[related-posts]

“Easy accessibility to education content is vital, because unlike two decades ago, this generation is dynamic. You find that many of the university students are employees in the work area and others are taking on different courses at the same time. So, the easier they can access information at their convenience, the more time saved and we all know that time is money,” he adds

Cynthia Ayeza, the JUMP editor for Education category expressed optimism of the Academy saying, “the conversational-style tutorials which move away from the typical lecture-hall style, will fuse theory and practice in one, which is an opportunity for wholesome learning”.

She went a head to encourage young people to take advantage of this opportunity because it will give them the opportunity to access beneficial information at the tip of their fingers. It also means that those who are financially unable to afford formal education at institutions of higher learning will be able to learn at a minimal initial cost (buying a simcard and MiFi), and thereafter at no cost to them if they are subscribed with Vodafone.

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