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Facebook now has 1.86 billion monthly users!

The social media giant, Facebook has released their fourth quarter earnings, generating $8.81 billion in revenue and an earnings per share of $1.41. This has surpassed the expected earnings of $8.51 billion in revenue and an EPS of $1.31.

The social network now has 1.86 billion monthly active users, which is a 17 percent increase.

1.23 billion people use the site daily, up 18 percent annually.

Mobile adoption also continues its upward momentum with 1.74 billion monthly active users, a 21 percent rise.

Much of the annual growth came from outside the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Facebook said 133 million more people from the Asia-Pacific region used the social network in Q4 2016 than the previous quarter in 2015. And there were nearly 100 million more people from the rest of the world added as well.

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