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Kenya to Set Up 4 Innovation Hubs in Every Constituency

The government of Kenya is in the process of setting up constituency innovation hubs that will provide free internet connectivity at 1160 sites throughout the country.

The development was revealed by Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of ICT, Mr. Joe Mucheru in an opinion article published by Kenyan local press on January 25th.

Mucheru said that members of Parliament will select up to four sites per constituency where these hubs will be located while the Constituencies Development Fund (CDF) Board will provide the financing for installations.

“The sites will have free Wi-Fi and the constituents will be able to use laptops or even smart phones to enjoy the internet services. For those that don’t have their own devices there will be forty tablets provided at every hub,” said Mucheru.

The program is being implemented by the ministry of ICT and its partners, through the Ajira Digital initiative in a bid to make available digital opportunities to youth in all the constituencies to help them earn a decent living.

Mucheru revealed that the aim will be to register 1,000 youth at every hub to form an initial team of the Ajira Digital initiative.


“The young people will be introduced to various online platforms through which they can offer services to the public,” he added.

According to Mucheru, the hubs will expose the youths to the world of online work and will form a key component for the implementation of government efforts in forging digital inclusivity across the country.

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