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Vivaldi v1.6 Features Tab Notifications and More Enhancements in New Update

Vivaldi Technologies on Thursday announced a new feature to it’s web browser a feature that no other browser has offered before – Tab Notifications that let the users know which of their tabs have new content in them.

The Tab notifications notify about the changes happening in both pinned or regular tabs. This works particularly well on messaging and social media websites where Vivaldi counts the numbers disclosed in the page title and highlights them as an overlay icon on the tab.

In a press statement, Jon von Tetzchner, CEO at Vivaldi Technologies, said; while they work on bigger features, their focus on the details does not stop.

“The Vivaldi browser is heading to be more interactive and intuitive. It’s about creativity, customization and freedom,” he said.

With the latest release, the tab selection has just gotten easier. The Vivaldi browser now allows selecting multiple tabs by their domain by simply holding down Ctrl and double-clicking on one of the tabs. This helps make the tab bar look neat and organized.

This useful feature makes tiling of the selected tabs practically effortless through right-clicking the menu. The Tab Selection feature also helps gather selected tabs as a stack, bookmark it or even move it into a separate window.

Download and try using the Vivaldi Browser, you’ll find it amazing.

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