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Technology Companies Worth Watching for 2017

LinkedIn Corp's quarterly revenue and profit handily beat analysts' estimates as the world's biggest professional networking website operator. Image Credit: MarketsMorning

LinkedIn Corp's quarterly revenue and profit handily beat analysts' estimates as the world's biggest professional networking website operator. Image Credit: MarketsMorning

The technology revolution is now widespread, and 2017 is expected to be the most innovative and evolutionary than ever before. Expected are more automation, connection, and significant changes in the tech world.

The companies to watch in 2017 are poised to redefine both connection and business, with technology being massive and dynamic. The following are the tech companies worth watching for 2017.


In early 2016, LinkedIn released a 2017 business recruiting trend report. The document gave a highlight of major updates that recruiters will be expected to know. At the executable table, recruiters will have an exceedingly influential role.

Also, the platform will give a lot of attention to the quality of the candidates, the screening of potential employees and automation.

LinkedIn will also determine how branding will fit into the picture and the companies that will focus on it to attract candidates.


The second generation of Apple saw the release of internal upgrades, GPS and a waterproof design in September 2016. Apple has huge plans of refreshing the Mac and its mobile operating systems in 2017. It is expected to deliver critical hardware updates to Mac and the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro will be upgraded to make it more appealing to the professional class. The display of the tablet is expected to get technological upgrades that will make it easy to scroll. It will also get an increase in terms of size to 10.5 inches. There are speculations that the Watch 3 will come with a front-facing camera.

The new model is also presumed to feature a Micro-LED display that is expected to be thinner, lighter and brighter. Another speculation is that 3G or 4G will be introduced to make the model more independent. In 2017, the iPhone will be facing its 10th anniversary, and to celebrate this, Apple is expected to release something special.

The iPhone SE2 or SEs are models that are expected to replace the SE, which was introduced in early 2016.


Netflix streaming service will be doubling the number of its original series in 2017. Currently, there are 30 scripted series in different development stages.

According to Ted Sarandos, the number of unscripted shows will enhance considerably next year. The company will focus on shows that will go international. Netflix will spend close to $6 billion in 2017, hoping to achieve 50 percent content in original programming.


Google has been interesting to observe and dissect, and 2017 will not be different. In the coming year, mobile search results will be simplified, meaning users will find the content they need easily. Mobile usability report in the search console will still be available.

From the beginning of the coming year, pages that lack content that is easily accessible on the mobile search results will not be highly ranked because Google won’t trust them. Google will expect an authority profile, and look for the indexed page and the content.

Taking note of the three factors will help companies to dominate SEO in 2017.


Amazon has, for a long time, been ahead of its competitors, and in 2017, the trend may just get better. Sellers are especially bound to reap great benefits. When it gets to selling products, companies tend to experience difficulties staying ahead as a result of unending policy updates.

2017 may come with higher FBA fees, meaning that sellers should track modifications in charges on the profit margins. If necessary, the seller will need to increase their prices. Deeper expansions into the international markets are also expected.

As a seller, it will be necessary to research on the markets that will be most profitable and launch strategically. PPC is expected to become critical to Amazon for brands. Because of the product review changes on the ecosystem, new brands will have to look for new ways to deliver their products to customers.

As a seller, it will be necessary to prepare a budget for paid ads on Amazon.

Many times, you may have looked at some technological development or changes and wondered how you missed them. This is why you must understand the upcoming trends, what they are or aren’t and how they operate.

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