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MyVodafone app is the perfect self-care and data monitoring tool from Vodafone Uganda

Vodafone Uganda is looking to end it’s year with an upper hand, with the company set to announce the launch of its utility software – a self-care and data monitoring mobile application.

The MyVodafone app will look to be an easier platform to monitor your data, or manage your Vodafone account than using the Vodafone online self-care portal. Vodafone says that the final version of the app will be released soon and available on Android and iOS.

Vodafone believes that this app will help reduce costs of serving their customers, and provide a great customer experience and differentiation.

At PC Tech, we got the chance to test the beta version of this app which is beautifully crafted and clean with essential features. Here are our findings so far:

The app is Zero Rated, meaning it doesn’t require any data usage to connect, but rather you only need to have an active data bundle. Which is a pretty cool thing to have for a utility application as this.

Data Usage tool
The app features a ‘data usage tool’ which gives you hourly updates on how much you’re using on data. The features shows you the history of how much you’re using your data from the time of the re-charge.

Self Service
Once you’ve got the Vodafone app, you won’t need to access the Vodafone online self-care portal to load your data bundles/plan. The app is giving you a ‘self service’ feature. Top up using voucher card and probably soon enough, you’ll able to use Mobile Money support.

Store Finder
The store finder feature helps you find stores that are nearest to where you are in case you might need help or buy a voucher card, and so forth. The feature uses your GPS function on your phone to determine the distance from your location to the store and also provides the time the stores open and close.

This feature is really awesome, saving one’s time of walking around looking for Vodafone stores.

24/7 Support
MyVodafone has a support feature for you to LiveChat with support from the Call Center or call a toll free number without exiting the app. You can also scroll through the FAQs.

Transfer Credit
You can transfer your credit to another Vodafone account.

Gift Voucher
Asides from the ‘transfer credit’ feature where you transfer your data from one number/account to another, with the ‘Gift Voucher’ feature, you actually buy data for another number.

In conclusion 

Only good things! The app is here for convenience of use straight at the palm of your hands to give you your Vodafone wallet balance, be able to view and change services you are subscribed to and buy new plans. You can also view payment history, usage history, and also transfer credit payments, and most importantly a standby 24/7 support system. I believe this simplicity will be highly appreciated by Vodafone subscribers.

UPDATE: The app is now officially available on the Play Store.

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