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Mozilla launched Firefox Focus; its super private browser for iOS

Firefox has unveiled its new browser ‘Firefox Focus’ for iOS users, a new experiment which revolves around privacy.

When you browse the internet from your desktops, your tracks can be saved with a lot of extensions and add-ons available, but mobile devices are not capable of such advanced techniques, and this is what makes Firefox Focus very unique.

When you try to use private modes in your regular browsers on your smartphones, it never defaults and you have to go through several settings to ‘hide’. Focus can block ads, social trackers and analytics automatically and simple sliders are available to turn the track switch ‘on’ and ‘off’. A simple ‘erase’ button removes the browser history as well.

Firefox said in a blog post, “For the times when you don’t want to leave a record on your phone. You may be looking for information that in certain situations are sensitive – searches for engagement rings, flights to Las Vegas or expensive cigars, for example. And sometimes you just want a super simple, super fast Web experience – no tabs, no menus, no pop-ups.” The privacy setting in Focus are quite robust for a smartphone browser, yet Focus in itself is very barebones and does not have many expected features which one expects like – tabbed browsing, bookmarks, menus etc. One can’t change the default Yahoo search engine as well. But the lack of features should be expected since the browser is, more importantly, an address bar integrated into a content blocker.


Credit: The Financial Express


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