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Gemalto pioneers SIM Reactivation solution to help Ghanaian mobile operators seamlessly reconnect with lapsed prepaid subscribers

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, launches the world’s first solution for real-time reactivation of dormant SIMs in Ghana.

LinqUs SIM Reactivation, allows operators to seamlessly reconnect lost prepaid subscribers at a fraction of normal acquisition costs.

Gemalto’s innovative platform is designed to support customer experience management strategies by easing the reacquisition process. Lapsed subscribers can simply reuse their old SIM to instantly rejoin a network, anytime and anywhere.

Research by GSMA reports that in 2016, most of the Ghanaian telecom SIM market is prepaid (97.46%). The research findings also prove that the country is also facing Multi SIM phenomenon challenge with on average 1.78 SIM cards per user.

Ghanaian prepaid users accumulate up to 2 SIM cards on average to take advantage of the best voice and data offers and their unused SIM cards quickly become dormant.

“Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in Ghana are faced with significant challenges as a result. How do they retain customers in such a competitive environment? How can they “re-connect” with former customers, and reactivate their SIMs on the network,” says Sherry Zameer, Senior Vice President, Africa Sales. “Gemalto’s SIM Reactivation solution will enable MNOs to do just that – seamlessly”.

LinqUs SIM Reactivation automatically detects and reactivates customers trying to use an expired SIM. It also retains churned subscribers’ profile data, giving operators the opportunity to propose tailor-made offers, such as voice/data plans and phone number selection, based on detailed understanding of individual requirements.

The whole process is performed in real-time via intuitive screen menus to ensure a smooth subscriber journey.

LinqUs SIM Reactivation is a solid and scalable platform that provides full customization and easy integration with operators’ systems and processes.

It is built on a proven Gemalto-owned signaling platform successfully deployed across 135 countries – signaling platforms connect applications to the network to manage user communications.

It is ideally suited to heavily prepaid markets such as Africa, Latin America or South Asia where users hop between operators and reacquiring lost customers is a costly exercise. According to a Gemalto survey, 76% of operators interviewed agree that real time reactivation of dormant SIMs with incentive offers is key to regain users [1].

As such, the company is expecting significant uptake both in the country and on the continent as subscriber retention can be directly improved through this far more effective customer experience management (CEM).

CEM is one of the key challenges facing mobile network operators. According to recent research by Ernst & Young, 68% of senior industry executives consider CEM their number one strategic priority [2].

“Faced with ever increasing competition, mobile operators need to leverage all available channels and customer touchpoints to forge stronger and more personal ties with users,” said David Buhan, Senior Vice President for Mobile Subscriber Services at Gemalto. “LinqUs SIM Reactivation sweeps away the barriers that currently exist between operators and lost prepaid subscribers and effortlessly restores lapsed relationships.”

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