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Zuku TV Slashes Price of its Kit With it’s on-going 90 Days Free TV Viewing Customer Proposition

With their on-going 90 days free TV viewing customer proposition, Wananchi Group’s home entertainment brand Zuku TV Satellite, on Sunday announced a slash in prices of its kit by 28,000 UGX signaling 16% price reduction.

Effective 1st October, 2016, Zuku full kit will retail for only 142,000 UGX from 170,000 UGX to enable more customers to access and watch a wide-range of exciting and world-class channels. Similarly, customers wishing to purchase the decoder only will pay a reduced price of 82,000 UGX from the current 102, 000 UGX.

The reduction in the price of Zuku TV kit comes in the wake of a number of other incentives that Zuku Satellite TV have offered to its customers earlier during the year. In March, subscribers were given wonderful incentives.

Those who paid six months subscription consecutively, received one month’s free subscription and the offer also applied to  those who paid for six months in advance while at the same time, those who paid Smart Pack for 12 months consecutively or in advance, received two months free subscription.

General Manager at Zuku TV; Mr. Jared Mokobo, said the company has stepped up their customer 90 days free Tv view proposition by reducing their prices.

Mr. Jared Mokobo; General Manager at Zuku TV. Image Credit: Zuku TV

“This is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that customers can access high quality and affordable home entertainment at a low price. We want them to get real value for their money by providing relevant content using our strong, high quality signal anywhere in the country,” said Mr. Jared Mokobo General Manager Zuku TV,” Jared said during a press conference.[related-posts]

He further added that the Zuku brand has successfully launched its satellite television services in Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi as it expands its reach and enable more customers receive quality and affordable entertainment with emphasis on local content.

“We offer strong, quality signal anywhere in the country that guarantees affordable entertainment,” he said.

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