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How to Bring Your Customers Back?

Image Credit: Forbes

Image Credit: Forbes

It is a known fact that retaining your existing customers is much cheaper than attracting new ones. It doesn’t mean that you should stop looking for different ways to engage new clients; it just means that customer retention techniques should not be ignored. Just think about it: there is a 60-70% chance to sell your product or service to an existing customer and just a 5-20% chance to turn a prospect into a real client.

So now it’s high time to think what can be done to bring your customers back.

1. Win back their attention
To make it possible you need to conduct some research and find out what your clients need from you and what useful things you can give them. For example, if your audience is interested in all new things that are happening in the sphere in which you are working, you can create different roundups and cover niche news timely.

Find out which channel will be more actionable and use it to reengage with your audience. You can also segment it by different parameters and create different types of content for different customer groups. This will help you achieve personalization and will result in higher retention rate.

2. Remind them about their abandoned carts
So many times people visit an online store, browse numerous products there, read descriptions, carefully choose what to add in their shopping carts and then… just leave! There may be many reasons for that starting with some usability issues on your website and ending with a kettle boiling in the kitchen. Anyway, people close their browsers and may forget to return and complete a purchase.

In this case there is nothing bad in reminding your clients about their abandoned carts. And here you have a wide variety of choices: to send a one-time reminder or schedule a few reminders; include products information to your email or omit it; provide a discount code for the next order or not, etc.

3. Ask their opinion
Never lose a chance to ask your clients to leave their feedback about your product. The best way is to send review reminders. Some stores also have great loyalty systems which give customers points for their actions, including leaving reviews. Those points can usually be used to pay for the goods.

By the way, having a loyalty scheme is one more cool way to build a community around your brand and have numerous returning users.

Final Thoughts
As you can see, there are many ways to retain customers; I’ve just given you some good ideas to start from. Everything is in your hands, so start working towards your clients’ satisfaction and it will definitely pay off soon.

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