The online gaming market grew more than 1000% since 2000, which is significantly more than most markets have grown within the exact same time period. Image Credit: YTImg
The online gaming market grew more than 1000% since 2000, which is significantly more than most markets have grown within the exact same time period. Image Credit: YTImg

As technology advances so the games we play via our computers and mobile devices improve.  Now we can enjoy our favourite games whether they are dedicated bingo sites, online casinos or one of the exceptional indie games that so often go under the radar in HD with superior video and audio clips to enhance our time spent online, and most mobile sites do not ask you to choose a new password or set up a separate payment option, you can simply use the ones that you have on your computer for your mobile device.

It’s almost ten years ago that Steve Jobs launched the first generation of iPhone and today most of us own or have access to one and there is nothing that compares to the way we can individualize our devices making them totally personal to us with the bigger screens being perfect for games like bingo.

We are going to look at how online bingo mixes the social side of the game, and how the industry has managed to make the game such a success online.

Sites like Robin Hood Bingo offer a fun themed environment with the basic principle of the game being similar to those played in the land-based venues although playing online means that there is no need to get yourself ready to go out on a cold winter’s night.

The balls are called out by a computer and if you do not want to mark off your own numbers the computer can do this for you as well, plus there is that opportunity to chat with friends via the chat box as the social side is very important in bingo.  Chat games also have those great dedicated chat hosts that keep the games flowing with a lot of fun and laughter, plus they can throw in some great bonuses now and again.

Most sites like the above mentioned Robin Hood Bingo have several versions of the game on offer like 90 ball bingo, 80 ball, and 75 ball games.  Each of the games use a different amount of balls and uses a different style of bingo card.

In each of the virtual bingo rooms one or more of the versions of the game will be run and you will need to buy your tickets in order to join in with the game and chat on offer.  This means you have to register yourself with a site and then make a deposit into your personal account (many sites use PayPal amongst others banking options.)

*There are some sites that offer free games that do not require you to make a monetary deposit.

Bingo balls are chosen using a Random Number Generator or (RNG) which is on par with picking a number out of a bingo machine.  The RNG has to be certified as true and fair and is independently tested in order to confirm it is operating appropriately.

Online bingo sites also offer linked games just like the one that are played out in the land-based venues and these offer some great prize pots which are well worth winning.  Because the games are played online you will find that most prizes are better than the ones that are offered by land-based bingo halls as the overheads and maintenance costs are not as high.

Games such as online bingo are a far cry away from the first gambling games which were a terrible experience and not worth any time or effort, the sites are linked to social media and many have blogs and up-to-date and pertinent news articles included.

Online bingo is here to stay and its fans eagerly await the next advancement which could easily be virtual bingo games bringing an even more realistic experience to players of this classic game.