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Facebook Brings Your New Updates in Your News Feed While Scrolling

Facebook NewsFeed in mobiles. Image Credit: Engadget

Facebook NewsFeed in mobiles. Image Credit: Engadget

Facebook Inc. on Thursday announced a new up-coming change to your News Feed, where updates and other posts show up when you log into the social network. Now, as you scroll down your feed, Facebook will insert new stories as and when they pop up, instead of showing you an alert that there are new stories, Gadgets 360 news reports.

The change means that instead of having to go to the top of the feed and refresh your list, you’ll be able to see new stories while you’re scrolling through your old ones. The obvious implication here is that people will not get stuck seeing only old stories while they scroll.

However, according to the social networking website, the feature will be available only for Android users as of now, as there was no timeline given for the iOS version, plus Facebook did confirm that this will not be coming to the desktop website.

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