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A look at what replaced the 3.5mm Audio Jack inside the iPhone 7

Photo Credit: iFixit

One of the significant changes Apple has introduced in its latest iPhone lineup — iPhone 7 and 7 Plus — is the removal of the industry-standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. There has been so much hue and cry over it. Even thousands of people signed a petition urging Apple to retain it.

Apple said at the iPhone 7 announcement that it took the headphone jack out to make room for other components. Instead of getting audio through a headphone jack, you have to use an adapter or Lightning-equipped headphones.

But when renowned gadget repair website iFixit opened up the new iPhone 7 Plus, it found the phone has more glue around the case than past models, which is probably related to the new water-resistant design. At the bottom of the phone where the headphone jack used to be is a larger Taptic Engine that adds vibration feedback to the home button. They even took an x-ray of the taptic engine in action, which is pretty neat.

Where the headphone jack used to be is now an external grille that looks like a speaker, but it actually houses the microphone. The inside space where you used to have a headphone jack there’s a small piece of molded plastic that fits around the mic

You can read more about iFixit’s teardown here.

Credit: iFixit, IBT Times, Geek


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