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PepsiCo Announced as Twitter Launch Partner for Promoted #Stickers

Beverage Corp. Pepsi announced that they’ll be the exclusive global launch partner for Twitter’s newest ad product, Promoted #Stickers.

The campaign marks the largest partnership between the two brands; Twitter and Pepsi to date and is a result of months of collaboration. As part of the partnership, Pepsi will secure featured placement in the #Stickers library in ten countries across five continents, including Argentina, CanadaEgypt, India, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

As the exclusive launch partner of Promoted #Stickers, Pepsi will share nearly 50 custom stickers associated with their global PepsiMoji campaign. The stickers will prominently feature some of the brand’s proprietary Pepsi emoji designs created to help consumers around the world “Say it With Pepsi” and will bring the program to life like never before by combining two of the most popular means of visual communication emojis and photos.

“#Stickers have been hugely popular with consumers, and we’re thrilled to now include brands in that conversation, starting with Pepsi,” said Adam Bain, Chief Operating Officer at Twitter.”

The global PepsiMoji campaign has connected cola lovers around the world through a shared visual language that is uniquely and definable Pepsi, and Promoted #Stickers, which act as “visual hashtags,” will take that one step further by allowing people to collectively integrate the Pepsi emojis into their photos on Twitter.

Those who tap on any sticker will see a timeline of public photos from around the world that used that same sticker.

The Promoted #Stickers product also allows Pepsi to create local relevance at global scale, giving consumers access to different locally and globally relevant stickers. Pepsi’s custom emoji stickers will be featured in the #Stickers library and offer consumers a form of creative expression that makes their photos more fun and engaging.

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