Alfa and Nokia Launch First 4G LTE-Advanced Network in Lebanon

Alfa, Lebanese mobile operator managed by Orascom Telecom, and Nokia have launched the country’s first 4G LTE-A network, as part of an agreement signed between the two companies.

The network enables Alfa to offer its subscribers significantly higher download speeds of up to 262.5 Mbits per second for accessing high-definition video (HD videos) and other data-intensive applications.

The 4G LTE-A network implementation is enabled by carrier aggregation technology, which combines two frequencies in order to significantly improve throughput and spectral efficiency. For Alfa, Nokia combined 20 MHz on the 1800 MHz frequency band with 15 MHz on the 800 MHz band.

With data subscribers exceeding 74% of Alfa’s subscriber base, the deployment of Nokia’s carrier aggregation technology will allow the operator to offer innovative and high-definition services.

This deployment is a crucial step that will also help Alfa take advantage of opportunities emerging from 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.[related-posts]

The two companies earlier signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 5G to explore possibilities for the Alfa network and pave the way for Alfa to install its first 5G site in Lebanon in 2018.

These agreements are part of the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications’ National 2020 Digital Telecom Vision to upgrade the country’s Internet infrastructure and deploy 4G LTE-A across the Lebanese territory.

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