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Dell XPS: A look at the MacBook’s rival

For a long time, the MacBook has been the best laptop on the market; its superior specs, modern design and retina display and to a small extent the mac OS played a big role in this kingship. Other PC makers like Acer, HP, Dell, Toshiba and Samsung for years struggled to try and make a try rival for the MacBook until last year.


Meet the Dell XPS

Released early last year, the Dell xps proved a strong rival for the Macbook. All top laptop review websites like, and techrad ranked the Dell XPS higher than the Macbook pro.

And the 2016 models of the Dell XPS continue to impress. This year Dell released the updated XPS 13 with a stunning nearly edge-to-edge high-res display, and an upgraded processor and graphics. Also an eye-catching 15-inch 4K display in a nearly bezel-free frame, plus high-end processor and graphics options, all in a slim, professional-looking body was released for the XPS 15. These efforts from Dell show that the company is committed to producing a laptop that is a truly rival of the Macbook.

The display

We had the MacBook’s retina display was the best on the market until the Dell XPS introduced 4k display to its xps 15. The MacBook has always enjoyed the best reviews for its retina display but according to pcmag the 4k display on the xps 15 rated better than the MacBook 15 2015 with retina.

Processing power and speed

Apple is good when it comes to processing power and performance, but the Dell XPS is here to impress with processing speeds of up to 3.1 GHz and RAM of up to 16 GB the Dell XPS is a true power house.

The Design

The MacBooks are very slim laptops packaged in a befitting metal, they spell out quality and we all enjoy looking at them but Dell also mastered their craftsmanship. Using a combination of metal and plastic, the Dell XPS is a beauty. Coming in silver, grey and gold, the Dell XPS is a notch higher design wise compared to the MacBook.

All round

The Dell XPS is a premium-feeling 4K laptop that outdoes the MacBook Pro in several categories. Its bezel-free design should be the gold standard going forward.

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