Apple in Talks to Acquire Tidal

After, American based Rapper, Jay-Z bought Tidal from Europe-based Aspiro early last year in a deal valued at slightly more than $56 million, reports according to Wall Street Journal say, Apple Inc. is exploring the purchase of the rival music streaming service.

Executives at Tidal have not spoken with Apple about being acquired, the Journal quoted Tidal’s spokesperson.

Tidal soared in popularity early this year after Beyonce released her latest album “Lemonade” exclusively on the service, although it was also broadcast in a film version on HBO and quickly made available on iTunes.

Tidal, which had a mixed reception after its relaunch last year, has heavily promoted exclusives, such as albums by Rihanna and Kanye West.

The company has been trying to seize some of the fast-growing streaming market from Spotify, which focuses on wide and easy access rather than exclusives.

However WSJ says the on-going talks between the two companies might not result in a tie.

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