In this era of smart phones as wide as 6 inches and tablets, buying a PC may seem not necessary. They are bulky, expensive and some are ugly. But even if your not a programmer or a graphics editor, there are those situations when you will definitely need a PC, and If you the kind of person who cares for style and you don’t fancy caring a bulky laptop, well the Macbook or mac book air would be the ideal machine but that would set you back around $1,500, and if you already spent $999 on your iphone 6 plus, that might mean bankruptcy.

What if for as low as $249 about UGX 1,000,000 you can get a stylish slim super portable computer? It would be unfair to compare a Chromebook to a Macbook “which would be like comparing apples and oranges” but the fact is Chromebooks are selling more than the mac book. Let us explore why Chromebooks are out selling mac books and why you should get one.

Easy on the pockets
For starters, chrome books are wallet friendly. It doesn’t matter what is wallet friendly because Chromebooks come in all price ranges from as low as $249 (for a Toshiba or Acer Chromebook) to $999 for the Chromebook Pixel 2.

Built to work longer
Since chrome books run on Google’s chrome OS, they are not power angry, all chrome books on the market boast of battery life of between 7 to 9 hours, this is well above the 6 hours of the of the windows pcs with the longest battery life. 9 hours is also about the battery life of a Macbook.

Android apps are coming to Chromebooks
Initially the chrome book was designed as an Internet operating PC, which meant that more utility was achieved when on line. Now Google as announced that Google play store apps will be available to Chromebook owners later this year. This means that as a owner of a chrome book you get to reap the benefit of two platforms and over 1,000,000 apps.

the mac book is great but is just one brand that comes in three size, with the Chromebook however, you get to choose from a variety of makes (Google, Acer, Toshiba, Hp, Dell, Lenovo etc). Also chrome books are available in different screen sizes from the small 11.5 inches to as large as 15 inches, now that is variety.

1 TB free for three years
Google is now offering a free 1 TB free cloud storage which is an upgrade from the initial 100 GB that they offered. So if you have a lot of file, well there is 1 TB free for you.

Chrome books decent enough for most users.
As an average user, a Chromebook will enable you complete most of your everyday tasks, be it preparing power points, emailing watching a movie, the chrome book has got you covered. Unless you’re a powerful main stream user, a chrome book might be right for you.

Bottom line
for many consumers considering a beautiful, light and cheap computer with a long battery life, the Chromebook might not be just good enough but rather awesome.