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AfricaHackOn Cyber Security Conference to take place in Nairobi

AfricaHackOn annual cyber security conference is scheduled to take place on 28th to 29th July 2016 at Micheal Joseph Centre Nairobi Kenya.

Housed under its parent umbrella, Euclid Consultancy Ltd, AfricaHackOn is a leading venture in raising awareness on matters affecting cyber security and also grooming upcoming talent into the job market.It is a one stop shop for talent and resources in a field greatly short staffed.

This year’s conference will merge the 1st and 2nd conference themes by having a different approach towards cyber security which includes doing away with “talk only” seminars considering that people tend to remember that which they see as opposed to that which is told.

This event follows the 2nd conference which was a call to action from the community, mainly developers, to incorporate security in their development life cycle so as to gain an edge in the market and win the customer’s confidence.

Corporate players have been introduced to this conference to showcase why they should consider local talent which was successfully bred since 2013. These are the heirs to the top level management positions. Proficient leaders who have grown through the ranks and earned their stripes will chime in on the agenda and share their experiences.

This conference will provide a platform for inductees to show case their skill and talent to the public. This is inherently entrenched in AfricaHackOn’s core value of allowing their own to stand on the shoulders of giants.

For more details about the AfricaHackOn cyber security conference please visit link.



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