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5 Internet of Things (IoT) App Building Platforms 2016

The internet of things is about connecting internet-enabled devices that relay information back to us, to applications to name a few.

But how can you build useful IoT apps? While there are plenty of IoT management, data storage and analytics tools out there, how do you make an IoT app in the first place?

Tech World compiles five of IoT app building platforms:

1. ThingWorx
ThingWorx is an IoT application building platform that was created from the ground up, specifically for the internet of things industry. Developers can create, connect and analyse IoT apps. And for those with less technical know-how, there is a drop and drag editor available.

Key features: developer forums, drag and drop editor, dev marketplace, quick-start kits, IoT guides and analytics.


2. Evothings
Evothings offers an IoT platform that builds connected apps in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS with built-in support for IoT applications. Evothings also provides developers with an IoT API library to enrich IoT applications.

Key features: API library, multiple code options, tutorials, options to add beacon sensors, mini-controllers and Bluetooth LE.

3. IBM Watson
‘IBM Watson internet of things‘ enables users to create and manage IoT connected devices via IBM’s Bluemix, its hybrid cloud platform as a service (PaaS) development platform.

Key features: device management, real-time data exchange, secure communications and data storage.

4. Carriot
Carriot is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) specialising in IoT applications and machine to machine devices.

Key features: SDK engine, data store, scale prototypes, rest API, JavaScript API.

5. AWS
AWS IoT offers the ‘Rules Engine’ an IoT application building platform that uses the AWS’ public cloud to store, process and analyse the data from these devices.

Key features: device SDK, secure device gateway, registry (for recognizing devices), device shadows (a virtual version) and a rules engine (to evaluate inbound messages).


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