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Which VPN is best for you? See the comparison sheet here

When it comes to choosing a Virtual Private Network or VPN as it is commonly known, many users find it hard to determine which one is best for them.

This is brought about by the different requirements each VPN demands and different VPN’s have different limitations.

To help solve your problems, a reddit user going by the username of ThatPrivacyGuy has created a spreadsheet which has some of the major VPNs and what kind of logging they do.

It also includes the protocols they support and which ports they block, their number of exit servers and how many countries they have them in, and more.

When it comes to privacy, you will notice that even some of the best performing and most popular VPNs have their low points.

This is going to entirely be based on perspective before you choose. You can scroll both ways to see more details.


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