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Twitter to kill TweetDeck for Windows on April 15

TweetDeck Login. Screen shot by Nathan Ernest Olupot

TweetDeck Login. Screen shot by Nathan Ernest Olupot

Twitter Inc. yesterday rolled out a change that will make it easier for Twitter users who switch between its desktop application TweetDeck and its website “,” which will no longer require users to log in to TweetDeck and separately. You’ll be automatically logged in making it even easier to move between the tools you use daily.

The ability to bypass the log-in process on TweetDeck will work as long as you’re logged into any Twitter website, like or even And it works both going to the website from TweetDeck and vice versa, Twitter notes.

TweetDeck for Windows will be shut down on April 15th, giving its current users a little bit of time to make a transition to the web or another Twitter client.

TweetDeck is still supported on Mac for the time being, as the app continues to be hosted on the Mac App Store. However, Windows users are now being pointed to the web version of TweetDeck instead.

Twitter also reminded Windows users how to make the TweetDeck web app more accessible from their PC by pinning the app to their taskbar.

The company also came out to point some features they have been making for the past few months.

“We’ve been working on infrastructure projects like this to ensure we have a stable foundation to continue improving TweetDeck in the future. Over the last year, we’ve shipped features such as TweetDeck Teams, group Direct Messages, and a confirmation step before Tweeting, as well as new search filters to make it easier to surface Vines, GIFs, Periscopes, and older content.” Amy Zima, Product Manager at Twitter writes in Twitter’s Blog.

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