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These are Smile Communications Uganda’s Voice rates

Yesterday, Smile Communications Uganda launched its Voice Over LTE service, commonly known as VoLTE to the general public.

During the launch, Smile Communications revealed that customers will be billed off their existing data bundles, and there is no need for one to have both Airtime for Voice Calls and Data bundles.

The Company has launched a new Website which includes the new coverage areas, offers and Voice rates.

Below is how much it costs to make Voice Call.

SmileData bundle Validity period Bundle price (UGX) SmileVoice call rate Effective local call rate/min SmileVoice SMS rate
MB/minutes MB/SMS
100GB Anytime 60 days UGX1020000 10 MB/min UGX99.6/minute 4 MB/SMS
50GB Anytime 60 days UGX530000 10 MB/min UGX103.5/minute 4 MB/SMS
20GB Anytime 60 days UGX250000 10 MB/min UGX122.1/minute 4 MB/SMS
10GB Anytime 60 days UGX145000 10 MB/min UGX141.6/minute 4 MB/SMS
5GB Anytime 60 days UGX90000 10 MB/min UGX175.8/minute 4 MB/SMS
3GB Anytime 60 days UGX75000 10 MB/min UGX244.1/minute 4 MB/SMS
1.5GB SmileLite 60 days UGX40000 8 MB/min UGX208.3/minute 3 MB/SMS
1GB SmileLite 60 days UGX32000 8 MB/min UGX250/minute 3 MB/SMS
20GB Night and Weekend 60 days UGX200000 15 MB/min UGX146.5/minute 6 MB/SMS
10GB Night and Weekend 60 days UGX110000 15 MB/min UGX161.1/minute 6 MB/SMS
5GB Night and Weekend 60 days UGX60000 15 MB/min UGX175.8/minute 6 MB/SMS

However, You can not make Voice Calls off your Unlimited data bundle. As we promised, will will be giving the service  a test run and write a review about it.

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