Startups. Image Credit: simicart
Startups. Image Credit: simicart

Are you enthusiastic, with self-belief and conviction? Do you think you may possess the next brilliant start-up idea?

Faster capital is presenting a 2nd round opportunity of funding for start-up entrepreneurs from 15th March to 16th April 2016. They will co-found and co-fund start-ups that meet their core value of entrepreneurial ism, innovation and commitment to change the world through ground breaking ideas.

The funding will be on a co-funding basis i.e. this will be to match the entrepreneur’s own funding. The start-ups have access to mentors, consultants and advisers, introduction to investors and complementary business support services. These mentors provided are of diverse backgrounds. They hold excellent track records in their respective industries and have thorough functional expertise.

On top of the start-ups, Faster Capital is also seeking out new mentors for their program. They should have a strong desire to teach and pass on their knowledge and expertise to the start-up entrepreneurs. They should be able to motivate the start-ups to be able to develop, refine and accelerate innovative ideas that can be turned into ground breaking products and services. In return mentors will have grand access to various connections and networks in a new pool of start-ups with new innovative ideas that can develop into big business.

They are also offered a platform to inspire and empower these start-ups and future generation of entrepreneurs.
Follow the link for more on about the program and how to apply.