Now try out your Android game before you buy

Google as of yesterday, announced a number of new services for game developers at its annual Developer Day at the Game Developers Conference. They include tools for managing virtual goods and currencies.

According to TechCrunch, Google launched a Video Recording API so developers can make it easier for players to stream and share videos to YouTube, and a new ad type that allows new players to try a game for 10 minutes right from the mobile search results page before deciding to make their purchase for the game.

Google pointed out that the number of games reaching more than a million installs grew by 50%.

The most interesting of these new features is probably the announcement of Google’s new “Search Trial Run Ads” which will be rolled out to all Android users for the coming weeks. The new Ad will allow users to stream a game right from the search results page without having to first install it on their phones.

Try out the game before you install or buy it. Credit: TechCrunch
Try out the game before you install or buy it. Credit: TechCrunch

While searching for any game in the Play Store, and perhaps you find one that you seem to like, simply click on the “Try Now” button and the game will stream onto your phone straight from the Google’s servers. However, the trial period only lasts for 10 minutes. After then, you will be prompted to either install the game or pay for it.

“Streaming content from games, though, is obviously a tougher challenge.” As a Google spokesperson told TechCrunch, “the new feature will only appear for users who are connected to Wi-Fi.”s

With this new feature, game developers will soon be able to allow players to stream their gaming session’s right on YouTube. They can, of course, also record their games offline and share them later on via YouTube.

TechCrunch who did attend the GDC, also reports that some of the other new features Google announced included: the ability to update gameplay and game economy parameters in games in real time without having to upload a new version of an app to Google Play.

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