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How to access Netflix’s secret genre categories

After watching the trials and tribulations of Steven Avery in Netflix’s original series, “Making a Murderer,” you may be left wondering what to watch next. Browsing Netflix’s offerings can be frustrating because the categories are too broad. If you want to narrow your search, Netflix has hundreds of categories that let you search not just for Dramas, but Crime Dramas or Tearjerkers or Dramas based on real life.

The thing is, Netflix keeps these subgenres hidden. Thanks to an industrious individual over at What’s On Netflix, you can check out these subgenres genres and their corresponding codes.

To browse by one of these secret genres categories, use this URL: and replace INSERTNUMBER with the code of the genre you want to browse.

These codes are particularly useful if you are a fan of foreign cinema and want to browse by country. Or course, they are also useful if you are in the mood for Slasher and Serial Killer Movies or Screwball Comedies or something in between.[related-posts] [CNET]


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