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Christmas Greetings from Google’s multi-day doodle

As we have come to expect, Google has some custom doodles for the holidays, and this year they’ve got running a multi-day doodle from artist Robinson Wood.

For day one (December 23rd), Robinson Wood created several festive characters and items, and for day two (December 24th), he created festive homes, all inspired by paper-craft models and cut outs.

Here’s the story behind the multi-day doodle:
The mouthwatering aromas of freshly prepared food, the warm glow of candles, the beautiful colors of festive decorations… whatever makes your season bright, we think getting together with family and friends to celebrate is one of the best parts of the holidays.

With these values in mind, the Doodle team and I wanted to honor as many different traditions, peoples, and celebrations as possible. Which — as you might guess — was quite the challenge! After a few false starts, we found our way back to the simple ideas of togetherness and home. As the scraps of paper settle, we hope that by focusing on bright colors, simplified forms, and warm lights, we’ve been able to create a fun and festive doodle.

Today’s doodle isn’t just for the Google homepage. You can download a template of their papercraft homes, cut them out, apply glue to the tabs, and voilà: you’ve created your very own holiday village!

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos below:

Robinson’s improvised lighting technique. Image Credit: Google
Photographing the village from a different angle. Image Credit: Google
Sometimes the best photo studio is under your desk. Image Credit: Google
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