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Apple iPhone 6C Rumors Resurface With A New Release Date

The release date for iPhone 6c has been rumored to fall somewhere during 2016. This latest bit of information has been handed out by Kevin Wang, an IHS analyst. This rumor might just be a rumor in its literal sense. The reason for this is that Kevin Wang initially claimed that iPhone 6c will be out by the end of this year so his word cannot be taken as the final verdict.

Apple played the same game with the release of iPad Pro. The rumors about a larger iPad were going around the web for years. Apple fans had been holding out in the hopes of a release for so long that they had eventually stopped believing in it. Eventually Apple did announce the release of iPad Pro this year.The rumors regarding the release of a reasonably priced, relatively budget iPhone 6c have been surfacing around the web this entire year. The rumors took a halt when Apple did not mention an iPhone 6c in their press event that covered the launch of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Fans took it as a negative sign. If Apple were to actually launch another phone this year or the next year, they should have talked about it during their press event. But new evidence has surfaced that has given rise to more rumors regarding the release of an iPhone 6c.[related-posts]

In that case, many observers think that Apple will do the same thing with the release of iPhone 6c. Maybe they feel that any mention of iPhone 6c at this point will affect the sales of their 6s and 6s Plus versions. People might wait for a medium range version if they knew that Apple was going to release one shortly.

However, all this speculation will either end in good news or a bad news for Apple fans. It is a wait and watch situation until 2016.

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