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Vodacom South Africa, IDT, Others Support ICT Technical Training

Vodacom South Africa said it has signed a three-year agreement with the Independent Development Trust (IDT), Cisco and MICT-SETA to addressing skill shortages and job creation within ICT.

The company disclosed that so far, the partnership has provided a twelve-month intensive training programme to 72 people.

The graduation ceremony took place at the Vodacom premises in Midrand, where they receive an accredited certificate in A+, N+, 3G connectivity as well as a certificate in entrepreneurship.

Vodacom Foundation Executive Head, Mthobeli Tengimfene said the scheme is Vodacom’s contribution towards skills development and job creation, adding that the qualifications enable the graduates to be active players in the knowledge economy and contribute to the development of software, business systems and mobile applications.

Another opportunity, Tengimfene said, is for the graduates to support the network of schools connected via the Vodacom Mobile Education programme by insuring that computers and systems are maintained.

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