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Windows 10 Vs Windows 8 Vs Windows 7: The pros and cons

Windows 10, which was launched on July 29th and has already been downloaded over 14 million times.

The operating system has come with a large number of pros, however there are some significant cons too which you need to look into.

While some Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will not get Windows 10 free through an upgrade, a number will be buying and the operating system and ‘Windows 10 Home’ and ‘Windows 10 Pro’ editions retail for $119 and $199 respectively.

Some of the biggest benefits of this are:

When it comes to the cons, take a look at these disadvantages:

The benefit of WUDO is that once one Windows 10 device has downloaded the latest updates it will automatically distribute them to other PCs on your network, saving time. The problem is your PC will also start to share this update with other PCs around the world that still need it. This takes the pressure off Microsoft’s servers but also means Windows 10 will consume more of your bandwidth than Windows 7 or Windows 8, neither of which do this.

The good news for those on metered connections is this can be changed by going to:
Settings > Update & Security > the Windows Update section > Advanced options
Select PCs on my local network only for WUDO to only be used for your PCs, or
Switch it off so each PC has to get their own downloads
While the option to disable is nice, WUDO is another example of where Microsoft should be more transparent with Windows 10 and let them know upfront what their devices will be doing behind their backs by default.

Via Forbes

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