Outernet has launched its first digital library in Kenya as it aims to make information accessible, even without the use of the internet.

The American company uses satellites to beam information to their receivers on earth either through a community receiver named Pillar or a pocket size one named Lantern.

The receivers have the capacity to store high volumes of multimedia content (including video, audio, books and web pages), that can be accessed using the wireless enabled gadget such as the phone or a tablet without the need for an internet connection.

Sofar, the company has installed its first ever Pillar receiver in a school in Kenya.

“The response was completely unexpected. One of Kenya’s cabinet ministers showed up and there was more media than we anticipated. The whole event ended up taking the whole day. It was unreal,” Outernet founder and chief executive officer Syed Karim said.

The company expects to receive its first 100 pillars at the end of March and also announced that they will be launching their own satellites in space by January 2016.

Via itWeb Africa