Foursquare-twitter-If you have been complaining about Twitter’s location feature, worry no more because that could soon change soon.

Twitter is planning to partner with Foursquare next year to beef up the location features in tweets.

According to the rumors, Twitter may add a way for you to check-in to certain venues right inside tweets.

Twitter is also reportedly planning to leverage Foursquare’s location data to offer up local recommendations and serve you relevant content based on where you are.

The new features could make their debut as soon as the first quarter, the report notes.

Last month, Twitter acknowledged that it recently tested some new location-based features with users.

The company showed new users a number of relevant tweets based on the location where they registered for the service. The people who saw these tweets were more likely to reopen Twitter within 30 days, compared to those who did not see the location-based content.

Early this year, Microsoft signed a multi-year contract to license Foursquare data for its Windows Phone operating system and Bing search engine.

Via PC Mag