Maxxable-APPLE_4WHT_001-562x374If you have been looking for a device that allows you keep your Smartphone in th palm of your hand so that I could use it without having to hold it like a claw, the Maxxable clip  is the right device for you.

Maxxable is a clip that attaches to your phone, and allows you to hold your phone securely while walking,running, in crowds, cooking, doing almost anything.

It is a unique tech accessory that is a secure alternative to bulky cell phone cases and prevents smartphones from cracked screen damage.

According to, accidental phone damage from dropping is 10 times more likely than loss or theft.

The device has a set of finger rings that are attached to the clip that slide easily onto your fingers. It’s multi-functional, as it serves as a kickstand and while not in use, the rings can be folded down to stay flat for easy pocket or purse storage.

It has a clean, sleek design that comes fully assembled and ready to use