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Liquid Telecom unveils satellite reseller programme

liquid telecomLiquid Telecom has revealed details of its new reseller programme.

The Telecommunications firm says it has established the programme in response to increasing demand for high-speed broadband from enterprises and individuals across South Africa and as part of Liquid Telecom’s mission to provide broadband to every person and business in Africa.

They company says it provides full satellite broadband coverage across Africa, which is complemented by its extensive fibre network covering South Africa and other Southern African countries, as well as Central and Eastern Africa.

According to Liquid Telecom, the launch of South Africa’s reseller programme will enable it to provide competitively priced broadband services to remote rural communities as well as SMEs, corporations and financial institutions, government and public sector bodies.

This growth in demand is being further fuelled by significant growth in the smartphone and tablet market, and falling prices of both hardware and data packages.

The Head of Liquid Telecom’s Satellite Services, Scott Mumford, stated that: “At Liquid Telecom we believe that every person has the right to be connected and our reseller model enables more customers to get online, including those in South Africa’s most remote areas.”


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