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A Digital Journey – It’s all About the View

The digital world consists of many gadgets. It seems almost impossible to know about every single one of them. However; gaining some knowledge on a few couldn’t hurt anything. Knowing only what a gadget is and not what it fully consist of may cause someone to miss out on some useful information. Take for instance the Samsung NOOK; it’s an e-reader and tablet all in one. If this was the only thing mentioned about this gadget, mostwould not understand what the full capabilities were of this particular device. Knowing the full details; would make more sense. Taking a journey into the digital aspect of things may just give you a different point of view.

The Operating System

Let’s talk about the systems. The operating systems for smartphones and tablets are essential. According to, each version of Android is named after a dessert. For example, the Samsung NOOK has the 4.4.Kit Kat operating system. Familiarizing yourself with the product’s system could only allow things to run much smoother.Knowing the basics could definitely set you up on the right path of achieving positive results.You may not know everything about the operating systems but having some basic knowledge is enough.


Features are usually important to the user. Every gadget is different. The way they function and operate is unique to one another. When seeking selective featured; it would be wise to seek a device that states it has high performance. Why would someone want to settle for anything less than that? There shouldn’t be anything wrong with expectations of a quality device. Consider what things mean more than the other. For instance, a device may have a 7 inch LCD screen with 1280 x 800 pixels; the density being216 pixels per inch and it could be light and portable. Is this something that means a lot to you? Some may have a built in GPS and front and rear-facing cameras. says most of the current generation tablets also have forward and rear-facing cameras.Ensuring the features suit your liking is the key to satisfaction. Consider which ones are of greater importance to you then take it from there.


Specs are the heart of things. If you are not familiar with these; understand that nothing will function without them. Battery life is highly important. Considering all the books, magazines, videos, music, GPS capabilities, and so much more; you would want to ensure you have consistent battery power. Focus your attention on how much battery power lasts for videos versus books since these would differ. You wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced if there is no need. Another spec to consider is the core processor.This should be examined to ensure you are getting the adequate amount of performance while multi-tasking. According to PC, you want a quad-core processor if you’re the type that likes to keep 150 browser tabs open.Make sure you recognize how active you are when utilizing certain devices to determine the right fit. Devices like the Samsung NOOK, has a quad-core processor. This type can definitely take on the most avid internet user.Other specs to consider would be the amount of memory, speakers, and built-in Wi-Fi. You may want to consider an SD card slot; in case additional memory is desired.


It’s all about the content. Helpful tip: identify the things that most interest you about digital media. This is where most of all the fun occurs. Researching the contents to have a better understanding of what you really need to function could assist you tremendously. For example, the Samsung NOOK comes with access to books, magazines, newspapers, apps, movies, games, TV shows, catalogs, Google Play, a built in Bluetooth, multi-window mode, parental control settings, Google maps & Gmail, and Email & Chrome web browsing.The content could provide you with entertainment, school, work, and personal related things. With all these, you are surely to get some type of positive results. So, if you are watching your favorite shows or reading your most-liked books; get the most out of your content.

Enjoy the Ride

Conducting research on the things that means a lot to you will lead you to more positive outcome. It’s about the main things; the system, features, specs, and contents that could decide the full functionalityof it. Ensuring all of these are in line with what you need is what matters. You definitely wouldn’t want any unforeseen issues moving forward. Now, you have taken part inthis digital journey; you could possibly want to saddle up and ride into future ones.The choice is yours. We can only assume; there will be many more to come. As you may notice, the world we live is forever changing. Just remember, when taking the journey, just relax and enjoy.

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