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WhatsApp now has 600 million active users

whatsappvoivemessageWhatsApp has today announced that it has hit 600 million active monthly users.

This was revealed on Twitter by CEO and co-founder Jan Koum.

In April, the instant messaging and chat service crossed 500 million active users, which means it just took the messaging service a span of 4 months to add another 100 million monthly active users.

Following WhatsApp in the instant messaging service league is Tencent’s WeChat app with 438 million active users, Line with 400 million active monthly users as of April and Viber with 100 million active users.

It should be notted that active user numbers and not just registered users. While, registered users denote the number of users who have signed up for the service, active users suggest how many are actually using the service.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion, however the messaging app continued to operate independently after the acquisition.

WhatsApp is also reportedly working on adding voice calling service to its portfolio, but the project has likely run into delays for some or the other reasons.

Source: Teckie News

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