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Samsung’s new device lets you charge three devices at once

samsung charger 2Samsung has introduced its Multi-Charging  Charger, whose name explains itself already.

The charger allows up to three micro-USB devices to be charged all at the same time. It has a 2A charge that will be divided evenly among the three devices.

So if you have your smartphone, bluetooth device and a wearable plugged in all the same time, they will each receive 667mA, which isn’t much really, especially if you’re in a hurry to have all of them fully charged.

If it’s just two devices, then they’ll each get 1A of charging. And if you’re good in math, you’d know that just plugging in one device means it will receive all of the charger’s 2A power.

But that kind of defeats the purpose of having a multi-charging wall charger right? But nevertheless, the charger detects just how many devices are plugged in and then optimally adjusts the distribution of power among or between the devices.

The charger is still “coming soon” and will available for purchase from the Samsung website for $39.99. That seems a bit steep for just a charging cable, but if you feel the need to have a portable and optimized multi-charging cable, then maybe you’d be willing to spend that much for this latest Samsung accessory.

Source: Android Community

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