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ICTAUgLAN Meetup Brings Together ICT Professionals In Uganda

ictaulanThe ICT Association of Uganda introduced a networking evening dubbed ICTAUgLAN and event that will always happen every first Wednesday of the Month and so last evening I was one of the Techies who went for this event, partly because I wanted to Learn something new and the other part being that I wanted to meet New people.

With that in Mind, I made sure I got to the Venue so early to be able meet everyone and talk to everyone. It was an evening with a lot of familiar faces I will confirm and it seemed like it’s the same people in the ICT space in Uganda.

The event kicked off with Introductions from everyone at the event and some of the companies  represented that I can pick off the top of my head included NITA, MTN, URA, Simplifi, UGO Ug, SMS Media and of course other companies, I made it a point to talk to every one at this event and although I didn’t succeeded at this, I also made it a point to learn a few things from all these people with a lot of experience in the Industry.

Boaz the Founder of UGO Ug taught me that an HDMI cable can only run 15 Meters and that the VGA will be phased out next year and I didn’t know about any of these facts, and I also got some advice from E. Namara one of the Directors of ICTAUg who taught me that whatever situation it is I should never take No for an answer and however much I had heard about this, this made more sense coming from her.

With all that I think it was a great fun evening which even convinced me to Join the ICTAUg family because there is no price you can pay to have all these people in your industry representing both the Government and Private sector to have the in the same place and have them willingly talk to you.

I can’t wait for the next event and if you attended this event please share with me some of your thoughts about such meetups and how you benefited from this one.


Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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