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Tips for creating successful websites

internet1Are  you on the habit of creating and building websites? Most start-ups often neglect and overlook  the fundamentals yet they determine the influence the website will have.

Listed below are tips every website creator needs to have.

Your website should load quickly. (Because Google loves it!) Watch out for memory intensive plugins or conflicting plugins etc.

2 Security from hackers is important. I lost my first big site because I didn’t have any. More embarrassingly I didn’t have a Back Up! Fortunately these days, most hosts will do automatic backups for you (although I believe you should always keep a fairly up to-date back-up of your site offline also) Additionally never pick a web host that hasn’t got 24/7 live support. When things go BAD, you will want their help.

Always use a .com and unless there really is no alternative don’t use a DASH / Hyphen in between words in a domain name.

4 Build an email list from day one. Go get Popup Domination.

5 Websites do break! Sometimes for what will appear no reason, pages will stop displaying as they should or even links will get messed up. This could be because of some conflict with some of the Plugins. Especially when upgrading say WordPress know that some of the Plugins you have installed will no longer be compatible. With regards to internal and external links there are various Broken Link Checkers, some of them FREE that are worth checking out.

Facebook, Twitter & Pick one and dominate it, stop sucking at all 3. Or alternatively hire someone to look after your social media and make them responsible for the outcome.

Have a plan for your business (website) – I mean a bricks and mortar business without a business plan is pretty silly! Why should it be any different for your website? Have a plan for the coming month, 3 month, 6 months, 12 months! Where do you see you and your website 5 years from now? Do you have an exit plan? Do you have a revenue plan?

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