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Do you want Quick feedback from Customer care? Use social media instead of Contact-Us forms

Social-Media-World-1024x1024After waiting in for long hours to get feedback about an Inquiry, i decided to compare which avenue was best for my problem getting resolved.

I spend over twelve hours daily online, that is why i left out phone calls because i prefer communicating using email and other online avenues.

The avenues i tested were Website and Social Media and the Industry was Banking.

Forty eight hours After filling in 12 Contact-us form, i got feedback from only two companies! Am still waiting for the rest. When it comes to social media, i got a reply from 10 of the banks in question, with the latest coming in 4 hours after the question was asked.

Why the quick response?

Social media is the new marketing platform, one angry customer can affect your brand health to a level where it is hard to recover. There is no brand which doesn’t want to be in the good books of its clients.

Every Company is now adopting a dedicated social media team. This means they have seen the ipact social media has on our every day lives.

If the email reply is taking long to come in, Find the official Facebook page and you will have your answer instantly.



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