MomoKlaMobile Monday Kampala announced today that this month’s edition of MoMo will be hosted by organizers of eLearning Africa at Speke Resort Munyonyo later this month.

The event will feature international speakers, presenting their views, based on experiences working in Africa.

“Mobility is a key component to affordability, accessibility and utility. With extremely rich learning content such as Khan Academy YouTube videos, CK12 textbooks in maths, science, chemistry, biology, GCFLearnfree – now widely available off line under Creative Commons licenses. Could newer methodologies as the “Flipped Classroom” that have stimulated higher levels of engagement between students and teachers, and learning materials in the West, be of even greater benefit to students and teachers in Africa?  And what are the prospects that such efficacies in the learning process hold for Africa’s next generation of leaders?” Reads a statement published on the MoMoKla website.

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“What role does the mobile play in the evolution and distribution of eLearning; what progress has been made; what are the bottlenecks and how can we overcome them?  ‘Africa faces an important debate about how to make the most of the new climate of opportunity and define a new narrative,’ ” the statement continues.

Here’s the link to the registration page for MoMoKla.

eLearning Africa will showcase the stories, experiences, research, thinking and expertise that make up the complex but thrilling picture of ICT for development, education and training in Africa today, under the overall theme of Opening Frontiers to the Future. It will be hosted by Uganda’s Ministry of ICT and supported by several partners including African Development Bank, Uganda ICT Association and GIZ.