Telecoms resorting to gambling to increase revenue

ugandaTelecomsInnovation of new products and services usually gives a telecom an upper hand over its competition, what happens when there is no innovation or services to lure more customers?

Then gambling comes in, over the past few months, a day can not pass without receiving a text message from the major telecom companies

MTN has  “Uganda Lotto”, Orange has “Wangula Cash,” and Airtel has “Bifuna Kilalu.”


Despite several complaints from consumers  against the various promotions offered by Telecommunications Operators, it appears  that the lotteries and promotions are just beginning.

You will constantly receive SMS reminding you to participate in the running promotions and stand a chance to win big! If you decide to participate, you will find yourself sending an SMS that is over charged, or they will ask you simple questions to make sure you keep answering and playing as more money is charged off your Airtime.

In some cases you can participate using your Mobile Money account to buy a ticket.

In Nigeria, NCC banned all Promotions And Lotteries By Telecommunications Operators to promote fair competition in the industry by protecting Operators from misuse of market power and anti-competitive/unfair practices by other Operators.


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