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Top 10 internet countries in Africa

topteninternetafricancountriesInternet access has yet to reach more than 50% of Africans, but the continent’s connectivity levels are nevertheless growing very quickly.

US-based networking solutions company Mushroom Networks has compiled a graphic that illustrates Africa’s top ten internet markets.

The data has been compiled by various sources including the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and Internet World Stats.

And below is the list of the top ten African countries with the biggest number of internet users.

1. Nigeria: 48.4 million
2. Egypt: 29.8 million
3. Morocco: 16.5 million
4. Kenya: 12 million
5. South Africa: 8.5 million
6. Sudan: 6.5 million
7. Tanzania: 5.6 million
8. Algeria: 5.2 million
9. Uganda: 4.4 million
10. Tunisia: 4.2 million


– Source: IT Web Africa


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